Lifestyle Videos

Whether documenting a significant event in your life or capturing an everyday moment, a Lifestyle Video will preserve cherished memories in a way only film can ...through the sounds, the movement, the unfolding story of a day in your life that becomes more valuable through the years.  

Derek Hough & Family

After winning Dancing With The Stars, Derek Hough joined his family in Nashville, TN for the Thanksgiving Holidays!

Family Lifestyle Video - "A Day in the Life of..."

When captured on Video, what may seem like an "ordinary" day in the life of your family, will become extraordinary, and be valued more & more as the years go by!

A 1950's Inspired Engagement Shoot

A photographer asked me to document her engagement photo shoot taken in the home she and her fiance were remodeling to be their Wedding Venue! 

A Milestone Birthday Tribute!

Derek Hough's mother, Marriann, wanted a 30th Birthday Tribute filmed during Derek's time at Radio City Music Hall! 

A Very Special Christmas Gift 

A mother & father wanted to document their daughter's dream come true...a horse for Christmas!