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Wedding Review


I absolutely LOVED Rebekah & her team!  They were fantastic!  I could not have imagined a better Wedding Video!  They are extremely talented!  Their personalities were great!  My Wedding Party loved them!  I will cherish my Wedding Video forever!  

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!  They will not let you down. ~ Brittany

Celebrity Event Review


Besides having a lovely, uplifting, and fun time with Rebekah and her team, I have enjoyed and preferred her Videography work immensely.  Rebekah has an incredible sense in how she captures perfect moments, lighting, angles and conversation along with her intuitive ability for editing that is very personal, heartfelt and relational to others.  I have loved the work she has done for me and my family!   

~Marriann Hough

(mother of Derek & Julianne Hough)

Family Life Style Review


Working with Rebekah was a dream!!!  She made my whole family feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  My children took right to her too.

The final product was even better than I could have imagined.  What a gift she has!!!  She captured what I could have never caught with only a  photograph...she caught the essence of our family and preserved if for years to come.  So thankful for her time and talent!  ~ CW


From the moment I met Rebekah and her team, I knew there was something very special about them.  About 7 years ago when my best friend got married, and hired Rebekah to film her Wedding, I knew when it was my turn to get married I would call her too!  

I was a little nervous about being in front of a camera, but from the moment she started filming, I felt completely at ease.  Not only did she make being in front of the camera feel natural, she made it FUN!  

She can capture beautiful and special moments with her camera that most people wouldn't think twice about.  If you are lucky enough to hire Rebekah, you will not regret it! ~VW


When I was deciding where I wanted Video, I watched some of the Videos Rebekah had done and every single video brought me to tears!  I knew I had to have one!!!  My parents were very skeptical of this...if we are having a photographer, why do we need a Videographer?  Despite their skepticism, I when ahead with Video.  When they watch our Video Montage for the first time, it brought both of them to tears!  They were so glad that we had Rebekah and her team do our video!  I can't say enough great things about them, from the initial consultation to every single interaction, it left me with a smile on my face! ~LT 


 Rebekah & her team are just AMAZING!!!!!  From the first time my husband and I met with them to talk, they were so sweet and made us feel like the most important Bride & Groom in the world!  They are full of love, very energetic, and passionate about their work.  On our Wedding Day they were there while we were all getting ready until we drove away that night!  They were Awesome!!!  At the Reception, they did there magic and even interacted with my guests and joined in on the fun!!!  I had quite a few of my guests tell me how much they loved them and what an amazing job they did.  Our Wedding Video is something we will share with our children. ~ SH